COINS 2019

From multiple intelligences to artificial intelligence: how to use it in your favor and your career

Intelligence has been studied for decades and in different circumstances and one of them is the corporate world.

There are several types of intelligence (logical/mathematical, spatial/visual, verbal/linguistic interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, body/kinesthetic, and musical) and by developing them it can strengthen your professional empowerment and the length of your stability in the market.

But beware: Artificial intelligence belongs to the new wave of Innovation and it is already revolutionizing the interface among companies and people.

Join COINS 2019 and learn how the Secretariat will be impacted for new technologies and how you should prepare for this new scenario!

Welcome to the 5th edition of the International Secretariat Congress!

Date: October 17-19, 2019
Venue: Maksoud Plaza Hotel
Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 424
01333-000 – Bela Vista – São Paulo

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